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In the Beeyard: Second Inspection

In this video, Davie Simpson and helpers Terry and Chad are going through the 35 hives installed on April 2nd. It’s been 4 weeks since installation so this is the second round of inspections. They are counting the number of drawn frames in the boxes and looking for evidence of the queen by looking for eggs. They sometimes find the queen as well. They will be adding new boxes if they need them and adding queen excluder between boxes.

First Hive Inspection

In this video, Davie Simpson takes you through a hive inspection and things you may encounter. Also, he’ll be marking some queens for the year ending in 0 which is the color blue.

Oxalic Acid Treatment

In this video, Davie Simpson demonstrates using the ProVap 110 For Oxalic Acid Mite Treatment. Davie also demonstrates good safety practices using an oxalic acid vaporization method.

If you’d like to learn more about this product, google “provap 110” or go to this website:

Releasing Queens

A few days after bees are installed, you’ll need to go back in to check to see if the queen has been released by the bees. In this how to video, Davie Simpson shows you how you can easily release a queen that is still in the queen cage a few days after installation.