Bees for Sale 2020

The following folks have let us know about bees they have for sale for Spring 2020.  This information is only valid for Spring 2020 unless otherwise noted.  Please scroll to the bottom to see the entire list.

Note regarding packaged bees: Early packages are coming from Southern Georgia. If you find any problems with your package once they arrive, please report it to the folks you bought them from so they can work with the vendor to correct the problem.

American Bee Supply LLC – Kernersville
3# packages with an unmarked laying queen – $125 each.
3# packages with a marked laying queen – $130 each.
Nucs – deep and medium sized frames – $160 each.
Please call for availability of either packages or nucs.
(336) 497-4310
2686 Piney Grove Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284

BeezNeedz Bee Supplies – Sophia, NC
3# packages with a marked laying queen – $118.00
Package bees must be picked up at Beez Needz only – no shipping
5 frame nucs with laying queen
Please call 336-431-2339 to place order
3662 Edgar Road, Sophia, NC 27350

Triad Bee Supply – Trinity, NC
3# packages with a marked queen – $120.00
Pick up dates for packages: March 28, April 10 & 15, and May 8
5 frame nucs with laying queen $170
To order, call John at 336-475-5137
4062 Evergreen Drive, Trinity, NC 27370

Bryan Fisher – Concord, NC
5 Frame Nucs with Carolina raised queen
– $175.00
Pick up dates in early April in Concord, NC.
These nucs come with minimum of 3 frames of brood, a Carolina raised queen, remaining frames with pollen and honey. No blank foundation frames. They come in a reuseable Pro Nuc box.
To order, call Bryan at 908-521-8642 or email at

2020 List of Apiaries with Permit to Sell Bees in NC