Bees for Sale 2017

The following folks have let us know about bees they have for sale. Please scroll to the bottom to see the entire list.

Note regarding packaged bees: Early packages are coming from Southern Georgia. If you find any problems with your package once they arrive, please report it to the folks you bought them from so they can work with the vendor to correct the problem.

Blue Ridge Bee Supply
3# packages with a laying queen – $120 each.
Delivery dates:  March 29th & April 19th (and maybe one more date in April)
270 Hickory St, Mt Airy, NC 27030
Phone: (336) 719-7878

Tate’s Apiaries
3 Pound Packages with Unmarked Queen from southern Georgia. $108/each. $4 extra for a marked queen.
Tentative delivery dates in Winston-Salem – March 22nd and April 9th
Full payment is due by March 1.
Queens: $32/each, $4 extra for a marked queen.
Call 336-788-4554 to order.

American Bee Supply LLC – Kernersville
3# packages with an unmarked laying queen – $110 each.
Nucs – deep and medium sized frames – $135 each.
Please call for availability of either packages or nucs. (336) 497-4310
2686 Piney Grove Rd, Kernersville, NC 27284

Tim Holt Bees – No longer available

VSH Nucs from Moccasin Creek Honey Farm
50 VSH nucs available in May. They will have f1 daughter queens; that is to say they will be the progeny of artificially inseminated VSH queens. The price is $135 to be picked up at my home location in Sparta. Already have a list going so text or call me at 336-467-4340. Also follow on FB at moccasin creek honey farm. Larry Cox

2017 List of Apiaries with Permit to Sell Bees in NC